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Are you an entrepreneur and small business owner who needs help? Why haven't you hired a Tech Virtual Assistant yet, who will make your life easier! You're in the right place 👋

My name is Kara and I am here to help you organize and grow your business as your Tech VA.
I built The Untethered Minimalist Tech VA Services to showcase all my digital skills that I can use to help make your life easier.

One word: Automation!

Once you automate your business (and life) many things become less stressful and calmer. Once your business is set up using FG Funnel Gorgeous automation software, I can then also manage it for you!
Why try to build your own funnel, automation, sales page, opt-in when you don't have to? I can build them for you and manage your entire online business! Imagine what that would feel like for you.

I'm like having a Tech Fairy in your pocket. 🧚‍♀️

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“After living abroad for 7 years, I have learned about building bridges and breaking stereotypes to foster more diplomatic and authentic conversations”
- Kara

What I Can Do for You

I can give you back time. ⏰

The entire goal of automating your business is so you don't miss a client inquiry, miss a potential sale or let anyone slip through the cracks. Your business needs to generate money so you have an income and you can re-invest that money back into your business to grow.🪴

Sounds simple.

Building out a Sales Funnel takes time to make and learning how to use the software to sell your product and service.
Maintaining the Sales Funnel and its progress takes time and an understanding of how to make it better.
Building out a Course or Membership takes time. You can create but then you need to use software to build it and maintain it and collect your sales.
Managing your emails, social media accounts, next launch, billing, accepting payment, memberships, your calendar, and more to run your business.
Do you love to do all these things? Or, would you like someone else to do them for you? Like having a Tech Unicorn🦄 or Fairy🧚‍♀️ do this all for you?!
If the answer is the latter, Book a Discovery Call Today.

I can build and run all of this, called the "backend stuff", so you can get back to your clients and do what you love to do most. 💕

What I Can Do for Your Business

Build it
Manage it
Give you back time
Build a course for you
Create a membership for you
Organize your calendar
Optimize your Payment and Billing
Using One Software System that streamlines everything in one place🥳

Think of me as your Online Business Manager or your Tech Fairy 🧚‍♀️ who makes things happen in an organized, beautiful, and functional way for you to Make Sales, Grow Your Business, and Have More Time to do what you love in your business.

How it Works


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🪴Pay a build-out fee (bulk price)


Once it's done and you love it 🪴Pay a monthly maintenance fee for me to run your entire online business


Have weekly calls to check in, adjust, strategize, and GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND INCOME 💕

Talk soon ❤️

Work With Me

”Kara gave me the permission to be FREE. Free from the obligations, self guilt, my unknowingness, etc. She provided lifelong knowledge and empowerment while simultaneously rerouting my mentality at its core. She has an innate ability to make things light where there was seemingly unwavering heaviness. She sparks inspiration and adventure as a humble servant leader. You can always see and know her greatest joy is to see you shining at your brightest. I couldn’t imagine a better coach to have lead me on my journey and am so grateful to know her and have gone through her program.”

- Hannah B

Kara dressed in hot pink jumping in the sand.

Untethered definition:

past tense: untethered; past participle: untethered
~release or free from a tether~


What untethered means to me: a mindset
To stay unattached to expectations in life, of people or situations.
In other words, live each day fully present to what is and don’t get emotional about other people’s actions. We can only control our own actions.

This mindset took years to cultivate but it’s how I live my life and stay in a positive mood 99% of the time. Sure, I have my down days and I manage those. Essentially, I stay “unattached to expectations” of other people. I mean, I can only control myself so why “expect” anything from anyone? Stay humble and be grateful each and every day.


Kara wearing a headset.

Work Online Remotely

This is me with my first remote job in January 2019. I knew I wanted to continue living abroad (after Saudi Arabia more on that in a bit) but I was ready to go on my own without a working contract. I am very self-motivated so I would figure out my remote work, visa, and everything a digital nomad would need to be comfortable and happy working remotely and living abroad. This allowed me to be very agile through 2020 and 2021 with the global changes and adjustments. Working remotely and teaching my clients and students has been some of the most enjoyable work I have ever been able to do.

My Health Coaching Practice

I had a coaching business for over a decade before I moved abroad. My holistic lifestyle became my next career move almost by accident. Using the master’s program I had acquired back in NYC, I began to see private clients and it took off. I saw clients in LA, Nashville, and Aspen for a decade. I was the founder of Harmony InsideOut, a Holistic Health Coaching practice where I helped over 100 clients become healthier, heal symptoms, and build habits for life. I love being a health coach and I am like a homeopathic Google, ask me anything!
Kara with her arms stretched toward the sky on the beach.
Kara embracing three of her students.

Work in China

I loved my clients but I still had a small “bucket list item” to tick off my list. I had always wanted to live abroad for just one year and support myself by teaching English. This time was also a big shift in my personal life and I was excited to live in another part of the world. I pushed pause on my business and closed up shop for one year. I did not know a soul in Asia, I put all my stuff in storage, and moved to Shanghai, China alone.

Work in KSA Saudi Arabia

After China, I had my recruiter look for another job for me while I was just getting my feet wet living abroad. That one year that was a bucket list item became 3 years. I took a second contract in Saudi Arabia! I didn’t teach English in Saudi because they wanted to hire me for my health coaching background. I signed a 2-year contract to live in Saudi and went by myself totally up for the adventure. I loved it! I have so many stories to share about living in the Kingdom and I can’t wait to share them here on my blog. My mindset was my best asset there and I learned so much during that time.
Kara in the dessert with a natural rock formation behind her.
Kara striking a ballet pose in a pink tutu during her acting days.

My Acting Days

Back in my early days, I dreamed of being a comedic actress and began young dancing, singing, and acting. I studied in a conservatory program in NYC for college and moved to Los Angeles for film and TV. The “art” of performing was my first love and gave me wonderful and wild memories. This gave me a strong foundation for communication and public speaking. Alas, I decided the “business of acting” wasn’t really my cup of tea so I decided to “retire”. Those days are part of my story and I am a true believer in all things happen for a reason.


Now, I take all of my experience and knowledge to help others like you put all the pieces of your business into one place using amazing software that AUTOMATES everything.
I BUILD it and then MANAGE it for you so you can do what you love to do in your business and life!
As a former Health Coach, I understand the coaching world but I wanted to really KNOW the tech stuff too.
So I built this TECH VA service as a helpful resource for you! So reach out to say "Hi" on my socials or book a discovery call with me. I would love to chat over coffee on a call with you about how I can support you.
Now is an exciting time to earn an income online, work from home, travel the world, or simply build the life you've dreamed of!
Outsourcing is crucial to building your business and scaling your profits to have a steady income and get some time back. Let's see what we can do together.
Let's Chat!
Kara with the ocean and a cloud-filled sky behind her.
Handwriting that says "Minimalistly yours, Kara".
Kara standing in front of a gate wearing a shirt that says

Minimalist definition:

striving to use only use things that serve a purpose.


A minimalist person lives a simple and uncluttered life.
When referring to “clutter” or the “uncluttering” of ones life this is not exclusive to only things. Unhealthy foods, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy environments, unhealthy shows, music or movies or games can be (or become) unhealthy. Removing anything that isn’t supporting your healthiest life is a form of decluttering to seek a minimalist lifestyle.

Blog Coming Soon

August 23, 2022
Living Abroad

Tips for living abroad for the newbie and the seasoned expat/digital nomad.

August 23, 2022

Minimalist habits to make each day more calm and peaceful whether you’re abroad or in your home country.

August 23, 2022

Now is the time to become financially literate.

“I’m allergic to stress therefore I have created habits to help me be fully present in conversations and not get overwhelmed in my life"
- Kara
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